SXSW '08: Hello, Texas -- Now I'm Going To Overdose on BBQ


Texas is awesome for many reasons -- delicious bar-b-que served in massive portions being most of them. So every year, when I head down to the state capital of Austin for South by Southwest, I vow to eat only BBQ. This is easier said than done, primarily because everyone wusses out on me by like Thursday, so I end up compromising my dream and eating at some lousy Tex-Mex joint while staring longingly out the window.

But this year, there will be no compromise. So even when I'm actually compromising -- I wanted to kick off my BBQuest on Tuesday night at Stubb's, Austin's landmark smokehouse and rock venue, but no one else in the MTV News posse wanted to go (the lines were too long), so that idea got shot down -- I'm not gonna actually compromise. Which means that even when we end up at a lame sports bar (like we did tonight), I'm still ordering something BBQ-related.

So this is a Champions BBQ brisket sandwich, topped with red onions and served on Texas toast. As you can tell by the paper it was served in, Champions' motto is "Good Food, Good Times, Good Sports," though they should probably also add "Bad BBQ" to that tag, because this sandwich was disgusting. It had the texture of dog food, and it kind of tasted like it too -- but like dog food slathered in BBQ sauce.

Also, as you can see, the sandwich came with french fries and a pickle, both of which, strangely, were more "authentic Texas BBQ" than the brisket was. And that's saying something.

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