For The Record: News on Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, The Game

janet discipline

· While Jermaine Dupri hit up Snoop's release party in New York last night, girlfriend Janet Jackson was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for flu-like symptoms, according to a report today. The flu means that Janet has cancelled her SNL appearance this week. Maybe Vampire Weekend are still in town?

· Britney Spears' next video, for a song called "Break The Ice," is going to star Britney as an anime character. Except, the thing they drew up looks nothing like her. [via The Sun]

· The Game's hokey-pokey with, well, the pokey, this week was absolutely dizzying. Was he in jail? Was he out? Did he get transfered? His lawyer said one thing, his rep another, the jail yet another. Well, here's today's update: He's Free. Tomorrow we'll tell you that he's going to Zihuatanejo to meet up with Tim Robbins and work on a boat.

· Oh, and Happy 311 Day!