American Idol, The Beatles and Apple's iTunes: We All Go To (Yellow Submarine) Heaven


So our boss, Jim Fraenkel, totally has this theory that the deal between The Beatles catalog and Apple's iTunes that's been long-rumored and recently buzzed about will somehow be announced tonight, in conjunction with American Idol (or as my dad says, "The America Idol"), using the Lennon/McCartney songbook as part of its daily karaoke-fest television show.

Now, "Idol" fans know this has been coming for a while, and well, they've been talking about it on the show, so that's always a good clue. Funnyman and astute "re-capper," Jim Cantiello, notes that Idol has only done The Beatles twice before: once in Season 2 when Clay Aiken sang, "Here, There & Everywhere" in the finale showdown with Mr. Studdard (Ruben sang, Lennon's "Imagine"), and last year (Season 6), when they did the Idol-studded medley of Sgt. Pepper's.

So, anyway, Fraenkel thinks that the Idol/Beatles news-cycle and the Beatles/iTunes rumor-cycle is just way too in-sync for this Beatles pop-culture orgy not too take place. So there. Also, if this happens, all the televisions and iPods and computers on the planet will explode simultaneously to the tune of "Helter Skelter." And we will tell you that we told you so.

In the meantime, here's more from our boy Sanjaya on the Beatles and American Idol and why it was such a bummer not to be able to sing any Lennon/McCartney when Idol did British Invasion week last year.