Madonna Totally Blew Off Mike Watt!


Last night's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a strange affair, and not just because we find it weird that there's even a RRHOF in the first place (and also, why don't these things take place in Cleveland? That would be infinitely cooler). You had Philly soul legends Gamble & Huff making quick reference to the Eliot Spitzer news that broke earlier in the day. You had the recent death of one of the Dave Clark 5 members. You had Madonna dropping f-bombs and talking about her drug use. And then you had Iggy & "The Stooges" paying musical tribute to Madonna, with a bizarre version of "Burning Up" (which included Iggy sitting on Justin Timberlake's lap).

Anyway, backstage, when Iggy & "The Stooges" made their way to say hey to Madonna in person, Iggy introduced her to his band. He saved his best-for-last intro for his bassist, Mike Watt (ex-Minutemen, fIREHOSE), who is a complete Madonna obsessive. And she totally blew him off like he was just some random session musician dude!

(For you youngins, your entry point into this Mike Watt angle is that his old band, the Minutemen, had their song used as the theme song for "Jackass." That's a show that used to be on MTV starring...oh nevermind).

Anyway, did she not know he was, like, totally obsessed with her? Did she not know that he was the reason Sonic Youth and friends did that awesome Ciccone Youth album many, many years ago? Did she not know his cultural relevance???!?

No, she did not.