Polow Da Don Wants You To Know He's Still Da Don

still da don

We in the Newsroom love it when artists holler at us about some stuff we read on our Blackberry. Like that rumor last night that producer Polow Da Don was robbed? Well, Polow reached out to his family (and, um, us), to clear the air. If you can sort through the profanities (edited out, because we're a family blog) and the misspellings, we think he's saying that he's still "da don." Oh, also, he wants you to know if you know where your dad is. SERIOUSLY. Here's his text to us:

Yall heard about the situation last night? "Haha" They thought they came to rob me, but I have heart and I have God shawty...Nah these crack head a** n**** I guess called themselves robbing me, but we

robbed them...... I wasn't scared I was mad. I was likes "these dumb a** weak a** n*****"..... N***** don't get it.... you gone have to shoot me because until then, I dont belive you. I am a MAN.... and 9 times out of

10 a n**** calling himself a Robba, a Thug or a Gangsta is a cover up for being too weak (weather it be physically, spiritually or mentally) to be a man. It's hard to learn how to be a MAN... Luckily my teacher stuck with me....Thanks Dad, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Kids..."Do you know where your father

is right now?"

--Polow da Don!!!