Paramore Get Together For A Video; Super-Secret Footage Revealed


You know all those rumors about Paramore calling it quits? (You don't? Why, here's a quick primer.) Well, it turns out they're not true. NOT TRUE!

How do we know? Because we have in our possession super-secret footage taken from the set of the band's new video, for the song "That's What You Get." It's a little grainy, because -- in keeping with all super-secret footage -- it was shot from behind a stack of crates in a warehouse down by the docks,* but it clearly shows all four members of Paramore rocking out under the tutelage of director Marcos Siega (Blink-182's "All The Small Things," Weezer's "Beverly Hills,") and looking pretty happy doing it.

And if you don't believe us, here … check it out for yourselves.


Okay, okay, it bears mentioning here that late last month, Paramore's labels, Atlantic/Fueled By Ramen, initially invited MTV News to head down to Nashville (where the clip was shot) and talk to the band on the set, but that offer was quickly rescinded when all the breakup rumors started all might not be as rosy as it appears in the above clip. But fear not, we're scheduled to interview Paramore later this week at SXSW, so we'll have all the news, straight from the band themselves (or frontwoman Hayley Williams, since she's the only one who speaks). Stay tuned.

*Note: This may not actually be true.