For The Record: News on Remy Ma, Kid Rock and Jay-Z

Remy Ma Ma

· It's not a sex scandal with a governor but what is? Rapper Remy Ma's trial for shooting a woman in Manhattan kicked off yesterday. While prosecutors said Remy Ma was angry that a wad of cash was stolen out of her purse and that she intentionally shot the woman and fled the scene, defense attorneys opened by calling the shooting accidental and accusing the alleged victim a groupie. Crack reporter Jayson Rodriguez will have more on this later at

· Ok, he's crazy obnoxious and we wish this story would just go away, but this is kinda cool. Kid Rock - involved in a scuffle at an Atlanta-area Waffle House last year -- will be slingin' waffles and smothered hashbrowns for the southern breakfast chain later today, all part of an effort to raise money for a local homeless shelter.

· Jay-Z's next video won't actually star Jay-Z - a first for Hov! Who it does star, though, is Lenny Kravitz's daughter, Zoe.