For The Record: News on Britney Spears, The Roots, Fall Out Boy, Barack Obama and Q-Tip

britney mother

· Britney Spears is apparently making a guest appearance on the CBS show, "How I Met Your Mother," having attended a read-thru for the show earlier today. The show is scheduled to air on April 7th. I'm pretty sure there's a Kevin Federline joke in here somewhere but "spring forward," has us all too tired to try to craft one up. Sorry!

· The first single from The Roots' new album, Rising Down, hit the web today. It's called "Birthday Girl," and features Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump. According to a publicist, the band will be soliciting homemade videos from fans. More info when we get it.

· Reports that Barack Obama will appear on Q-Tip's upcoming album, The Renaissance, are true. Sort of. Q-Tip sampled some of the presidential candidates speeches and used it for a track. The new album is due out in June, but truth be told, he's been on the verge of releasing a new solo album for 6 years now. We love Tip, so we just hope his label means it this time.

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