If Graceland Is The Illmatic of Dad-Rock, Then What Does That Make Vampire Weekend??

kid sis smiling

The MTV love affair with Kid Sister continues today, with both the aforelinked news piece and a video piece on tv later today.

In the meantime, this nugget was too good to wait 'til later. Kid Sister on her dad, Graceland and Illmatic (actually, Chromeo's take on Graceland and Illmatic but that's neither here nor there). All these references to marching bands and Talking Heads and Vampire Weekend is making our head spin, and it's like, you know, tailor-made for blogs just like this:

Kid Sister: "My dad was in a Talking Heads cover band. Black man, wow! A black man in a Talking Heads cover band! [To her brother, Josh, from Flosstradamus] Remember when mom used to play John Philip Sousa marches in the car? Paul Simon - we used to listen to Graceland. Paul Simon! Like you could be the hardest dude and be like into Graceland. Oh yeah. Our friend Dave, A-Trak's brother (from Chromeo), he was like yeah… Paul Simon's Graceland is the Illmatic of dad rock. Think about it. Whoa."

Whoa, indeed!

So how about it readers? What would that make Vampire Weekend?