Clinton: ‘Are My MTV Boys Still With Me?’

"Are my MTV boys still with me?" Senator Hillary Clinton asked as she exited the auditorium where, moments earlier, she'd delivered one of the finest speeches of her career after winning the New Hampshire primary. And yes, we were!


Just before, as Hillary made the rounds, warmly thanking her supporters, I thought it would be a good time to say thank you to her daughter, Chelsea, for making our exclusive interview with her mother happen earlier in the day. Chelsea, who has rarely been more than a few steps away from her mother over recent weeks on this campaign, was doing what I had seen her doing earlier — making friends, taking photos, shaking hands and, most importantly, talking to young people, who had turned up to see her mother win the primary. Now, after what Chelsea had done for us, I must admit I felt a little cheeky asking if her mom would like to talk to us again. But I figured there was no harm in asking — and again, the lovely Chelsea came through, for which we are very grateful.

With a quiet whisper from her and her friend, we were whisked backstage, where the senator was still smiling and being congratulated by her closest inner circle. That's when I realized that even though the job of the day was done, there was still plenty more for Hillary to do, and it would be hours yet before she'd get a chance to rest (if she gets a chance). One thing I will say: She remained constantly energized, driven and courteous.

Backstage, we followed no more than two steps behind the senator. Every 10 seconds someone was congratulating her and following it up with a question, which she'd answer without missing a beat. Then she turned back to us and asked, "Are my MTV boys still with me?" We replied, "Yes, we are!"

I've seen plenty of artists' setups, but they've got nothing on Hillary Clinton. Every corner is manned by Secret Service agents, who come in all different shapes and sizes. Sure, some of them are big, burly and bald — but then some look like my old math teacher. So how can you tell a Secret Service agent? The earpiece, the little pin on their lapel and, of course, the thousand-yard stare. Word to the wise: Don't ever go where you're not supposed to when the Secret Service is in effect. Just ask our cameraman Aaron, who got tackled when he accidentally mistook a secure area for a bathroom — a mistake he won't make again anytime soon.

Hillary seemed genuinely pleased to see us again, and we spoke more about how much of a factor the youth vote played in her win, as well as the issues surrounding young people in America.

This primary has been a fantastic experience (as you may have gathered). Young people have answered the call and turned out in masses to stand up and be counted. Your vote is the most important, and you are the true heroes of this election!