John McCain Supporters’ Cautious Optimism Pays Off

By 8:12 p.m., the roar of the crowd here at a John McCain event said it all: McCain is the winner of the New Hampshire primary — by a healthy margin. The room was packed with the two P's that accompany any election race — people and press — and both were in abundance. In the foyer, McCain organisers had laid out a spread of meat (yes, plain meat with no sides), sandwiches and, of course, a bar, which supporters were taking full advantage of well before the results came in. The atmosphere wasn't as electric as I had expected, but I will say there was an air of quiet confidence and cautious optimism.

There were very few young people at the party, and with the majority of those who turned up being over age 40, some might start to question the power of the youth vote. But don't! The game ain't over yet. Many had said that New Hampshire was McCain's state, since he won here back in 2000 — and I guess they were right.

At this moment in time, it's neck and neck between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, so the attention is turning to them. So right now, I'm leaving the McCain event in Nashua and driving to the Clinton event in Manchester, about an hour away. In the meantime, we've got another crew over at the Obama party.

Lots more to come as the race continues ...