New Hampshire, Here I Come …

I'm a firm believer in sleeping late on the weekends, so when my alarm went off at 9 a.m. this morning, it took me a minute to remember why I had to be up.

By 9:30 my producer Michelle and the crew - Brendan and Phoenix - were already outside my building, ready to go. I'm heading out to New Hampshire with the team to get my first close-up look at the presidential race as it moves to New Hampshire for the primary.

With the nation still buzzing from Iowa, Obama's win and his magnificent speech, my first personal insight and experience of the presidential race couldn't have come at a better time.

Growing up in the U.K., our world of politics is a lot less dramatic and certainly not as fast-paced, engaging or entertaining as the presidential race, so I'm really excited at the prospect of getting in. Most importantly, though, I'm looking forward to meeting some of the many young voters who are dedicating their time and efforts to campaigning for their favorite candidates. And with the news of the huge youth turnout in Iowa, I doubt it's just going to be a bunch of suits! I'll keep you updated with what we get up to out here - and who knows? We might even get a chance to meet the future president of the United States face-to-face.

(Stay tuned for more from Tim Kash on the campaign trail throughout the week.)