This Is What You Give A Damn About

So, to get you prepped for this historic event on Thursday, let’s talk about some things that matter to you.

MTV, CBS and the New York Times did a poll of 659 17-29 year olds to ask them a whole lot of questions about politics, life, and this upcoming election. It’s a big study, so I just pulled some interesting facts I thought you guys might want to know about before asking that amazing question online at MySpace on Thursday!

--80% of you guys believe you will have an impact on this election. (Now let’s turn that into a promise!)

--More of you gals out there believe you will have an impact on this election than our male buddies. (Not that the brothers aren’t out there!)

--Here are the top 5 issues that you care most about:

1. Jobs/Economy (including the issue of job training.)

2. Iraq (most of you think that things are going very badly over there.)

3. Education (especially the issue of student loans)

4. Environment (with a big want to reduce oil consumption.)

5. Health Care Coverage (duh!)

--When asked if our President is doing a “good job”: 70% of the guys and 62% of the ladies disapproved.

--When asked the general question: is this country going in the right direction or on the wrong track? It was an almost even distribution of guys and girls saying we are on the wrong track.

Some other interesting facts: 7 out of 10 of those polled said they had no problem voting for someone who has smoked marijuana. (I don’t know, that made me kinda laugh, so I thought I’d throw that in there….just goes to show, maybe we’re a lot more concerned with some REAL issues.)

Another interesting Wiki fact, this is the first election without incumbents in the primaries since 1928! It just makes things more exciting…new blood, fresh ideas, BIG POTENTIAL FOR CHANGE!

Just a little research to help you get those burning questions out there on Thursday!