I’ll Never Be President…

Ok, so I'll never be president...at least until Schwarzenegger gets the Constitution changed....which isn't such a far fetched idea considering, well, I won't say the obvious. But, I get to meet the potential next president of the United States on Thursday in New Hampshire. There are many things that go through one's mind when offered an opportunity like this. The first is a series of….”uh-oh, I’m not smart enough or activist enough or white-male enough” (that's for another day), and then the second thought is “Holy sh--, what do I wear?” I mean seriously, my wardrobe consists of Hello Kitty prints and skinny jeans.

I'm just being really, really honest and what I really want to say is that I'm nervous, excited and kind of vomitous at the same time. I hope that doesn't deter you guys from coming with me on this ride. It'll either be the coolest thing ever or fodder for a Christopher Guest movie.

We're going to be hosting this LIVE conversation with MySpace and it's not going to be one of those pre-screened, edited snooze fests that I never watch. At least that's the hope. I'll be writing and filling you guys in on what I'm seeing and hey, if it starts to become one of those fake "real-time" events, I'll be writing that as well. My job will be to keep my experience as honest as possible. That's all I can promise. (Until they tell me to stop....) ;)

DAMN IT'S ABOUT TIME THOSE POLITICIANS START TAKING US SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least talking to US, the biggest demographic to suffer the consequences of bad decisions.

So for now, I ask….do you ever watch these kinds of political “forums,” “living room chats,” “real talks” and what do you normally hate or love about them? Hey, maybe I can pass it along to the bosses.

p.s. oh and if you have suggestions on what one wears to meet a possible-president-to-be, let me know that too.