Maybe Britney Needs Your Help

I have resisted and resisted about saying my opinion about Britney. There's not much to say about someone else's life, because who are we to judge and how do we know what's really going on? I know a few things about the media, tabloid magazines and celebrity blogs....and truly, truly, they are some of the scuzziest people on earth. Not the majority, but enough to make me kinda gag when they plead journalism or constitutional rights when it comes to what they print.

I digress....

The other real point I wanted to make about the story on yesterday's "TRL" about Britney losing her lawyers and her management and probably custody of those kids is that it seems no one is talking about postpartum depression. Okay, hear me out, I'm not a mom, puppies even make me nervous....but I was talking with some girlfriends of mine who do have babies and know nothing about Britney or Kevin Federline or care about countdowns or how "celebrities are just like us." I had brought up the rapid unraveling of the pop star and all of them kinda had the same look on their face, which was an all-knowing, nodding type of thing....they all seemed to agree that it sounded like the girl should be checked in to a hospital and treated or at least considered a vicitm of some severe PPD. I went online to do a little research and found all of these forums of mothers talking about erratic, emotional behavior, even a year after giving birth. I logged on to one site where this clinic has a quiz, just to see where a new mother might fall on a scale of possible PPD. Here are some of the symptoms and feelings they ask you to rate yourself on: confused thinking, crying spells, fears of harming baby, fatigue, feeling out of control, numb, panicky, trapped, unsupported, thoughts that your baby would be better off without you, loss of interest in your appearance, the list goes on and on.

Now, I'm not a doctor, I am not anywhere near what you would call an expert, but could Britney have a severe case of PPD, considering she had WAS PREGNANT WITH HER SECOND CHILD MONTHS AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO HER FIRST??? Add on top of that a divorce, a custody battle, rehab, paparazzi chases.... Again, I am not defending not wearing underwear or drinking till passing out, but I am saying that all of this could be triggered and perhaps healed by medical attention.

I hope this doesn't sound dramatic, but while I never really thought much about Anna Nicole Smith before her death, I have to say, while watching the 24 hour media circus of her unraveling, it came as no shock to me that the end was so tragic and final. I kinda felt that pit in my stomach when I read Britney's story on air everyone in her life going to just watch this happen?