From Britney to Marc Jacobs!

Well, I'm already back in NYC. Took a red-eye as soon as the show was done to be back for Fashion Week....yeah, I've had about 3 hours of sleep and I can barely believe that I've travelled across the country, did the VMAs and am in New York already getting ready to see the Marc Jacobs show...all in the last 12 hours.

2 highlights for me from last night:

1. As soon as I tossed to the big show, all of us (producers, stage managers, writers, camera men) huddled around the TV set on the pre show stage to watch the Britney performance. Of course, I ran out of battery on my camera, but the look on everyone's face was priceless. The gasping, the "oh-my-godding"......watching her teeter and totter on stage. SPEECHLESS!

2. Me running through the Palms with my luggage shoving and pushing the crowd, frantically looking for a ride to the airport. I ran over Ludacris with my roll-away luggage. PRICELESS! Sorry Luda!

Ok, fashionistas....I hope u approved of my outfit.....and here's some love from backstage at Marc Jacobs in New York.


Model backstage at marc jacobs. She's gonna have fun brushing that out tonight.


Me blogging on my bberry backstage.

Big kiss!