It’s Scary How Much Ass I Kick….

In my dreams I am a bounty hunter, kicking ass, taking names and generally being buff and gnarly. In my fantasies, I’m karate chopping, smacking down, body slamming and jabbing my way through long lines, rude people and bad drivers. But since I’ve got bacon balls for biceps, I like to watch other girls get it on….in the ring that is.

Which is why Fight Girls is a favorite Friday night past time in the Pak household. It’s a reality show about a house full of serious female Muay Thai fighters, who at the end of each episode are paired off in a winner-take-all, fight to the-death match!!! I’m not talking about the typical hair pulling, weave ripping, nail scratching girl fights. This is UFC style, professional ass kicking….RAD!!! So, this being Vegas, where any fantasy can come true, mine was to train with the Master himself, Master Toddy, the very man who teaches these girls to smack down. Vegas is a kick-boxing mecca, WHO KNEW???

What I lack in skill…it’s obvious, I make up in spazzy enthusiasm.