Tim Kash Is Live From Lollapalooza 2007

I’m to the side of the stage right now, tapping these words into my crackberry in time to the beat of Daft Punk who are playing a heavy set in front of what looks like a million people all throwing their hands up and down to the beat. This is one hell of a concert. This is Lollapalooza!

A full weekend of non-stop music across 9 massive stages here in Chicago - this 3 day event is undoubtedly the biggest festival of the summer here in the US- and already, just hours into the event- Lollapalooza is living up to the hype.

Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, Amy Winehouse, YYY’s, Perry Farrell, Lupe Fiasco, Cold War Kids and host of others are here- even Kanye (who is here in his home-town) is rumoured to be hitting the stage despite not even being on the official line-up. If he’s going to do it- now would be the perfect time as Daft Punk play the opening to ‘Faster, Stronger’. Fingers crossed…but unfortunately no show…yet.

I flew in this morning with the MTV family after our flight finally took off after the runway was shut down for a few hours due to a plane landing whilst on fire- crazy! Hope everyone was ok.

We arrived into Chicago, jumped into a convoy of cars, headed to the Hard Rock Hotel, checked in, dumped our bags, walked out, bumped into my good friend Lupe Fiasco which was a nice surprise, and headed straight to the concert, arriving just in time to catch the end of MIA's set. From what I could see, the crowd was really into it- so props to the US Immigration for letting her back into the country. She promises to behave herself.

We’re going to be here through the weekend, talking to your favourite bands and brining you the best of the action from backstage and of course, onstage.

This is my first festival in the US ever - so will it live up to our festivals back home in the UK? I’ll let you know on Monday (if I make it that far!)