Why Does Damien Think I Work At The Bagel Store?

It's really hard to hate your job when the first person you see at work is someone like Damien. He could literally be the funniest, strangest, most lovable person I work with. And now that I have this blog, I get to share him and all of the crazy, wacky, silly things that happen behind the scenes at "TRL" with all of you! Every video you'll see, will be shot by me on my trusty digital camera. And mostly, you'll be seeing a lot of us in the make up room. It's where we hang out, where we eat, where we check emails, make calls....it's like a dorm room. After so many years working together and working on the show, it's like clock work and up until the moment "TRL" goes live, we're back there goofing off and giving each other a hard time, the show comes really easy.

Now the back story behind this video: a few weeks ago, I went to the bagel store across the street from the studio, and got my usual pumpernickel bagel. It had just come out of the oven and when I brought it into the make up room, Damien does what he always does...eats whatever I've got. He was so awed, so overwhelmed by this hot bagel that ever since, in his own, subtle (which is not so subtle way) he asks me about the bagel, EVERY DAY. What time did I get the bagel? Do I think there will be hot bagels today? Who was working at the counter that morning? Why are hot bagels so different from cold ones? I was really starting to regret the snack I never ate. And, now...finally....you get to see what he's been doing to me, every day, ever since.


I still cry tears every time I see this. He just wants me to go to the bagel store and get him a hot freaking bagel every morning, but won't ask...I mean what do I look like?

(p.s. I haven't been back there since, for fear of encouraging Damien's strange obsession.)

Any suggestions on how I get Damien to stop this?