MTV Movie Awards Diary: SuChin Pak Remembers Jay-Z, Paris And More

You may have seen MTV News’ SuChin Pak on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards, where she interviewed the best and brightest of Hollywood stardom. Now safely back in New York City, she writes about her personal experience covering the big night.

It’s taken me a little longer to recover this year; in fact, I’m writing this from bed on my Blackberry. Either I’m getting old or feeling prison sympathy blues from Paris (more on that later).

View SuChin’s photo album here.

Every awards show, I take the same date: my best friend, Blaire. I took my boyfriend once to the VMAs, and I never made that mistake again. Boyfriends don’t tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth, they don’t ever remember that they have to check the back of your dress after you leave the bathroom so you don’t have it tucked into your underwear and, of course, you can’t talk to your boyfriend about how hot Justin Timberlake is or if he thinks Shia LaBeouf is too young to hit on, or whether or not it’s obvious that you’re flirting with the hot bartenders they always get at these things. You get the drift.

Blaire does all those things, plus she knows everyone’s business because she lives and breathes useless pop culture facts, rumors and heresays. So, when I turn to her and ask who the hell that is walking down the carpet, she doesn’t even have to stop typing on her Sidekick to tell me that it’s Three 6 Mafia and all the latest happenings in “Hollyhood” (didn’t even know that was on the channel).

And with our first, commercial-free, live pre-show — meaning no time in-between to fix your hair or prepare for the random celeb walking towards you — it was like the Indy 500. Right out of the gate, I get Jay-Z (the day before he supposedly proposed to Beyonce…I’m wearing black to mourn the loss), and there’s not a single celebrity I get nervous interviewing (maybe Gwen), more so than the HOV. Blaire once burst into tears at the sight of him at a party (sorry Blaire, but it’s true).

But I lost the biggest bet of the night, I swore that Paris Hilton was not going to attend and sure enough, she steps onto our carpet and I knew it was on. I think I got her last TV interview before the lock-down, and when she walked on to home base, it’s like the entire carpet went silent, for just a second. I could literally hear the pause in the control room…and then the screaming and scrambling. I have to say, it’s the most poised and calm I had ever seen her and she was…gasp…genuinely humble and contrite.


But, as you can imagine, when you get two best friends together and the best seat in the house, you’re bound to have stories. I’m not talking about just the interviews and the red carpet drama, I’m talking about why every year, Blaire is strangely attracted to the porn stars that make it to the Movie Awards. This year was no different (pictured below).

We’ll see you at the next awards…VMAs in VEGAS! I’m already laughing.