Schooled By A 12-Year-Old …

With some truly commendable stand-out performances in films like The Green Mile, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Matchstick Men, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"and of course Galaxy Quest — Sam Rockwell is definitely one of the best in the business.

He came by the MTV studios here in Times Square this week, to talk to us about his latest film Joshua. A horror/thriller film about a young Manhattan family who are torn apart by the increasingly psychotic behavior of their mentally disturbed son Joshua...and when I say psychotic — I mean PSYCHOTIC.

Yes we've seen Damien from The Omen, Henry from The Good Son and Rhoda from The Bad Seed — but now there's an even more realistic and disturbing kid: Joshua, a 9-year-old child prodigy. prodigy. And a prodigy he is. I mean, how many of us can play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on the piano and murder human beings before reaching adolescence? If you can — don't answer that question!

So, when I heard that just before I had to interview Sam Rockwell - the kid was coming in as well…I wasn't exactly filled with joy. Sure, I know he's only 12 and looks like a sweet and innocent choir boy — but trust me — go and watch the film and you wouldn't want to be in a room with this kid either. So we stepped up our security and waited patiently.

Every now and then, a child actor comes along who possesses the ability to steal a movie with their performance. Macaulay Culkin had it. Dakota Fanning has it and newcomer Jacob Kogan (Joshua) most definitely has it. On screen, he embodies his character perfectly, even down to Joshua's sinister emotionless smile that will put shivers down even the biggest horror film aficionado. But, in reality, he couldn't be more different. Jacob is a fun, smart and bright young kid, wise beyond his years who, as you're about to see, wasted no time in giving me a hard time, because apparently I 'talk funny!'

They say never work with kids or animals ... now I know why!