The Human Torch

Saw two films last week- "Sunshine" and "Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer" ... Two very different films but one common denominator - Chris Evans ("Cellular," "The Perfect Score," "Fantastic Four"). In "Sunshine," Chris plays the character of Mace- an astronaut who is part of a team sent to the Sun to reignite it using the largest bomb ever created. A cool story-line that director Danny Boyle brings vividly to life. I've enjoyed a lot of his films from "Shallow Grave" to "Trainspotting," "The Beach," "28 Days Later" and now "Sunshine" - so I guess that makes him one of my personal favourite directors (plus he's British). It seems to me that he gets better with each film and "Sunshine" fits in with that theory. I'm not here to do a film review (you can go to the for that) - but I will say, it's definitely worth watching. Even though it does take a long time to really get anywhere, the story-line is unique, the actors have been very well cast, the special effects are awesome and there's a pretty good twist at the end.

For Chris, the choice of this movie was obviously a no-brainer. Not only do you have Danny Boyle at the helm alongside a very talented cast (Hiroyuki Sanada, Cillian Murphy, Mark Strong) but Chris also got the role of one of the films heroes and stand-out characters, Mace. Mace is one of those parts that comes along only every now and then. He's not a good guy but at the same time he's not a bad guy. He's on the good guys side, but is someone with no moral ambiguity whatsoever (a trait all good guys have). Without giving too much way, Mace has a couple of great scenes when he makes calls for the overall good of the mission but at the sacrifice of his closest friends on the spaceship. Leaving people behind, to get burned alive by the sun or to freeze to death in the cold of space- is never a nice thing to do. But in the mind of Mace- you got to do what you got to do. A complex character that gives the actor a rare opportunity to redefine critics pre-conceptions and stereotypes- and hopefully get the eye of more Hollywood producers and directors.And then there's "Fantastic Four : Rise of blah blah blah." It's obviously a family / kids movie so I went in there expecting the worst - after all, it only carried a PG rating. I won't lie, it's not a great film. The characters still need more depth and the storyline is only slightly less flaky than before- slightly. But all this is nothing compared to the monster let down of the film - Galactus. There I was expecting some CGI brilliance and insane special effects, but instead what I got was a cloud of gas. There really is no excuse for this! Spend all that money on creating the Silver Surfer and that ridiculous Fantastic Four car- and nothing on Galactus. That makes no sense to me. Did the studio bosses spend all the budget on girls, drinks and drugs when it came time to design Galactus and bring him to life? A massive disappointment. But regardless, there are some super-cool scenes in the film, that the kid in most of us will appreciate, especially the scenes with The Silver Surfer (voiced by Lawrence Fishburne) and The Human Torch...and did I forget to mention, my future ex-wife Jessica Alba is in it. Enough said.

So, with a truly commendable performance in "Sunshine" and with The Human Torch saving the day in the end (sorry for spoiling it, but whatever), Chris Evans was an obvious choice as an actor to throw some of the MTV spotlight on. Apart from the you-know-what-incident with the giant lightbulb - the interview flew by. After all, Chris is as real as they come and a stand-up guy to go with it. With a genuine passion for his work, he was honest with his opinions- sometimes brutally honest. He gave his real thoughts on the Fantastic Four movies so far, his suggestion as to how FF could improve, and a hint as to who the next villain could be. Then we spoke about "Sunshine." This is obviously a film that Chris is proud to have starred in. Obviously one of the more challenging acting roles he has undertaken to-date, Chris was under pressure to deliver with his performance in this film. He spoke on his character of Mace, working with Danny Boyle and the intense and extensive training the team had to go through for their roles. He actually got to meet an astronaut. He gave us invaluable insight into the way Danny Boyle creates these unique and awe-inspiring special effects using a combination of both real-life set and CGI. Boyle re-created the entire ship (with an incredible attention to detail) across 8 massive soundstages and actually had the cast live together throughout the duration of the film in a dorm-like environment to instil the sense of companionship and give the actors a feeling of what it is like to live in close quarters in a very claustrophobic environment. With five new movies coming out where he stars alongside an array of talent including Forest Whitaker, Brian Cox, Keanu Reeves and Scarlett Johansson - it's clear Chris Evans has the eye of Hollywood. Here's some of the best bits but look out for the MTV Rough Cut coming soon to screens near you...