NY to LA - The 2007 MTV Movie Awards

For once, I was running ahead of schedule. For once, when my driver called to let me know he was downstairs I was actually packed and ready to go. For once, I was calm on my journey to the airport, safe in the knowledge that I had allowed enough time for even the heaviest of NY traffic. For once I was not going to have to run to make my flight and for once, they weren’t going to have to say my name over the loud speaker to tell me they were going to leave without me.

When I checked in at the airport at 630pm NYT, the woman behind the counter said that she couldn’t find my name on any flight whatsoever- let alone my ‘imaginary’ flight that I thought was leaving at 730pm. When I told her what flight I thought I was on, she told me that that flight had actually left at 230pm. Not a great start…but luckily, with a smile and a little flattery, she told me there was a flight boarding at 7pm with one more seat left. She said if I ran, I would be able to make it.

I was already running before she had finished her sentence.

I'm now 2 hours into a 6 hour flight from New York to LA and already I’m thinking of giving this flight the award for Most Boring Journey Ever. Stupidly, I brought a book that I was only 15 pages from completion, and I’ve now read all the magazines I bought from the airport shop…twice. My brother has stolen my PSP and my iPod alone isn’t enough to scratch my itch unfortunately…and then comes the air stewardess (who looks a lot like Shrek) to the rescue. Shrek has the nerve to offer me what she calls ‘In Flight Entertainment’ to pass the time. Now, I’m no expert, but by the very definition of the phrase ‘In Flight Entertainment’- then surely it has to be entertaining. Unfortunately not on this flight! Of the vast range of a whole 5 movies on offer, I am finding it increasingly impossible to decide whether to piss away 2 hours of my life watching the latest Mandy Moore chick-flick or the latest all stuttering-and-stammering masterpiece by Hugh Grant. Out of pure desperation I select the Mandy Moore movie with the vague hope that she spends more time looking pretty than she does acting. Two minutes later, I regret my decision and turn the movie off.

I remember hearing that the NY to LA flight always had at least one celebrity on board… and in this case, this rule was correct.

The great Spike Lee is sitting two seats over intensely reading the book that he has been engrossed in since we took off. I almost get the feeling that he is afraid to look up, in case he makes eye-contact with anyone and is forced into having a polite conversation. Word must have spread that Spike is on the plane. Almost every 10 mins, some ‘not-quite-pretty-or-tall-enough-to-be-a-model-so-i-became-an-actor’ comes up to the front of the plane to use the toilet only to be told by Shrek to use the other toilets in the middle of the plane. Sure it could be an honest mistake, but the fact that everyone walks up to the front and then turns as if to admire the view of the aisle whilst darting they gaze at Spike to catch a sneaky glimpse gives the game away entirely. Head buried in his book, wearing an all white on white matching velour Jordan tracksuit completed only by his signature thick-framed glasses and baseball cap- fair play to Spike as he seems aware yet completely undaunted by it. Next time I see Spike is towards the end of the flight. He’s put the book away and is now reading a movie script. I’m tempted to ask him what it is…but I decide to do the right thing and leave him be.

Looking around, the plane seems to be almost entirely made up of movie-types. Here’s how I know this. At a closer look, it seems that Spike’s not the only one reading a movie script. There are at least 10 other people reading scripts, and even more trying to read over the shoulders of those reading the movie scripts. With so many people, and so many scripts…maybe one of them has there next big blockbuster in their hands.

It gets me thinking. . It can’t be that hard to make a film. After all, I did just see the first 2 minutes of Mandy Moore’s latest epic.

We’re about to land soon and I just realized I haven’t even said why I’m en route to LA. 3 words for you…

MTV MOVIE AWARDS. The awards that celebrate the biggest and best films of the year in true MTV style are taking place this Sunday at California’s Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City. For the first time in history the awards will be live – which means anything can, and probably will happen. What makes it increasingly more dangerous is our host this year – Sarah Silverman. I don’t know too much about her, but from what I’ve heard and the little that I’ve seen, this woman hold no punches, takes no prisoners and nothing is off limits. In front of me, I have the list of guests attending. Megan Fox (hello!), Jessica Alba (hello hello!), Jennifer Lopez (HELLO!), Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese, John Travolta and whole lot more. The big night itself starts at 730pm with the live red-carpet pre-show hosted by the lovely SuChin Pak and myself. This is a really big gig for me. I'm a movie-geek and have been a fan of the MTV Movie Awards for years now. I grew up watching SuChin, Sway, John & co doing what they do from the Movie Awards red-carpet...and now its my turn! This is the first time the show and pre-show has ever been live- so it gives new meaning to the phrase 'jumping in at the deep end'. In all honesty, I'm really looking forward to the experience more than anything right now.

So aside from the possibility of seeing me screw up on live TV - believe me, you are not going to want to miss it. As well as talking to some serious Hollywood royalty both young and not-so young, I'll be showing you some of the actual cars from the movie, talking to the stars of the film and showing you for the very first time anywhere – exclusive clips from the upcoming Michael Bay / Steven Spielberg blockbuster- Transformers.

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