5 Things To Do Before Seeing 'Ender's Game'

Ender's Gameby Jessica Marshall

It's a movie decades in the making—a tale of intergalactic warfare where the good guys are kids and the bad guys are bugs. And Harrison Ford is in it too.

The iconic actor, along with Asa Butterfield, Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld, headline this first-ever big-screen adaptation of "Ender's Game," which hits theaters today. It's the story of a precocious youngster (Asa), who is drafted into an army of children groomed to fight mankind's greatest enemy using their tactical wit and some super-high-tech video games.

Before you ship off to theaters to get swept up in this interstellar adventure, here are five bits of basic training.

Read the book

The 1985 novel by Orson Scott Card is one of the most popular YA books of all time, selling bonkers copies and winning all kinds of awards and accolades. It took decades for someone to make a movie out of it though, and the author wrote several sequels.

Watch "Starship Troopers"

Also a movie about people in the future fighting alien bugs, also based on a bestselling sci-fi book (by Robert Heinlein). But the fighters, led by Casper Van Dien, are a little bit older and hotter. And the bugs are too...

Go to boot camp

Future Earth folks have invested a lot in training their kids for battle. It's a long and grueling process designed to create merciless fighters who will defeat the enemy and save the planet. Get a taste of it at your local gym with the toughest trainer. He or she might not prepare you for intergalactic battle, but you will get your butt whipped into shape.

Play video games

Specifically using a Nintendo Wii, XBox Kinect or some other kind of game system that lets your hands and body be the game controller. Or if you're feeling old school, dig out your older siblings's vintage Power Glove and wield your virtual influence with that. A lot of the film's action involves Ender playing video games, by way of simulating battle action.

Suit up for laser tag

Another part of the training regimen for these young soldiers is an exercise that's pretty darn similar to laser tag. So prepare for battle by heading to your local recreational laser tag arena and fire up your photon packs.

Will you be seeing "Ender's Game" this weekend?