Watch An EXCLUSIVE Scene From Saoirse Ronan's 'How I Live Now'

At first, this EXCLUSIVE clip from soon-to-be-released movie "How I Live Now" looks like just another cozy camping scene in the English countryside...even if there is a semi-automatic weapon lying on the floor beside the sleeping children in their ramshackle blanket fort. But don't get too comfortable, y'all: As one of the recently wakened kids peeks out the door in the cold morning light, SHIZZ GOES CRAZY. And crazy it will remain, because this is just a wee taste of the action and excitement in store when this film hits theaters next Friday!

Based on the novel by Meg Rosoff, "How I Live Now" stars Saoirse Ronan as Daisy, a teen who's reluctantly left the U.S. to spend her summer vacation with distant family in a remote English village. But just when she's starting to enjoy her idyllic retreat to the countryside, the getaway goes from dream vacation to bullet-riddled nightmare, as a massive global war suddenly breaks out and turns friendly old England into a very dangerous place for an American girl. With disastrous consequences guaranteed if she's discovered, Daisy is forced to run and hide, and to put her trust in the few people who are willing to keep her safe.

"How I Live Now" will be released November 8.

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