'The Originals' Recap: 'Sinners And Saints'

Originalsby Ryan J. Downey

Last night's episode of "The Originals" didn't just reveal a bunch of secrets, history and motivations for central characters. It was a virtual Fabergé Egg full of surprises, providing a grand look at the beautiful tapestry the show has woven with seemingly unconnected story lines that converged masterfully in less than an hour onscreen.

Davina solidified her alliance with the Originals, Elijah put diplomacy in motion vs. all out war, the truth behind the church massacre came to light, Klaus and Marcel came to blows and most importantly, the witches plot was revealed.

Last week, Elijah awoke from his magic-dagger induced slumber and began a conversation with Davina. That conversation continued, as the backstories behind the witches and Davina, Marcel and Devina, the late Jane Anne and her sister Sophie, and Klaus being lured back to New Orleans came together through a series of conversations between different characters. Elijah and Davina in the attic; Sophie, Hayley and Rebekah wandering the bayou; Klaus and Marcel sharing a drink—it may sound complicated, but it wasn't. It was frankly beautiful how it was all tied together.

"Sinners and Saints" was the first episode since the series premiere to boast a co-write from show runner Julie Plec. Our guess is the Queen of Mystic Falls drops in when there's big mythology to deal out. Rather than reconstruct all of the puzzle pieces doled out last night in this post, a much simpler approach would be to recap all that we discovered.

About eight months ago, the witches and vampires of New Orleans weren't getting along, to say the least. Unfortunately for the witches, there's a spell they have to do every three centuries to keep their ancestral magic going. If they didn't create another "harvest" followed by a "reaping," they'd end up powerless. The ritual involved sacrificing four of their daughters to their ancestors, after which the poor girls would be resurrected more powerfully than ever. They didn't tell the girls what was going to happen, of course, but all of the witches knew what was going to happen.

Black sheep Sophie Devreaux, a friend with benefits to Marcel, loudly protested. As the first three girls were killed, Davina realized what was happening despite the fact that her own mother wouldn't stop it.

Marcel saw something of himself in Davina the same way Klaus saw something of himself in Marcel when they met, so he came to her rescue. The self-proclaimed King of New Orleans said he has a rule about harming kids; of course it also didn't hurt that stopping the ritual would rob his biggest rivals of their vampire-fighting abilities.

The priest was in on Marcel's rescue plan, having been distracted by the spell the witches put on his nephew, which caused the church massacre (as opposed to vampiric compulsion, as Klaus had previously suspected). That's why he allowed Marcel to stash Davina in his attic for safekeeping until such a time as they could get her moved out of town.

But then a funny thing happened. Despite Sophie's lack of faith, the harvest had actually worked. Each girl's power was transferred to the next as she died, meaning Davina now carried the power of all four of them, hence her advantage over every other witch in town and her ability to punish the witches and alternately help Marcel by becoming his "secret weapon" against them. If her throat had been slit like her friends, all four of them would have been resurrected.

But Davina doesn't want that. She wants all of the witches to suffer for lying to her. She doesn't want the spell completed; she wants all of them to lose their power and she really wants to become "normal," herself. Sophie, on the other hand, has a much more sinister plan. She and her sister lured Klaus to New Orleans with Hayley's unborn child as leverage in order to locate where Marcel stashed Davina, grab her back and kill her to complete the ritual.

Hayley definitely has some sort of super-wolf protector out there. Remember, her search for family is what brought her to New Orleans to begin with, and perhaps she will eventually find that very thing. The warlocks who attacked her and Rebekah were "extremists" according to Sophie, driven by a witch's vision that said Klaus and Hayley's kid would kill all witches someday (Klaus noted that he's growing more fond of the child everyday).

Elijah earned his freedom from Davina by promising to give her all of his mother's witchy secrets so she could learn to control her power. Marcel cluelessly believed he gave Elijah back to Klaus himself, which of course wasn't the case. Tensions boiled over between Marcel and Klaus to where our hybrid badboy had to remind his former protege that he's not one of his "nightwalker minions"; and he reminded him with his fists. Elijah's intervention saved Marcel. For now.

Tensions nearly boiled over between the priest and Marcel, as well. The priest agreed to hide Davina until she could be moved to safety, not to keep her in the church forever to be used as Marcel's weapon against the witches. He reminded Marcel that he represents the humans and their side in the alliance with New Orleans vampires. He also demanded that Marcel stay away from his niece. "Who the hell is your niece?" Marcel said dismissively. Damn, son! It's Cami!

The episode concluded with Elijah, possibly still smarting from the slap Rebekah's new BFF Hayley gave him upon his return home, laying everything out for his little brother and little sister. It's not about a war between vampires and witches or a simple power struggle between the Originals and Marcel. It's all about family.

Elijah pointed out that Sophie will stop at nothing to kill Davina in order to honor her sister's memory and to resurrect the other little witches, making her their most dangerous adversary. Family, after all, is everything on "The Originals."

What did you think of last night's episode?