'The Originals' EXCLUSIVE Photo: A Vamp, A Witch And A Werewolf

by Ryan J. Downey

"The Vampire Diaries" gave us the gorgeous girl power BFF trio of Elena, Caroline and Bonnie. Could another crew of attractive supernatural women be forming a BFF trio of their own down in New Orleans?

It's not easy for Original sibling Rebekah Mikaelson to make friends, but her undead blood quickly warmed to Hayley, the werewolf bad girl who is carrying Klaus Mikaelson's seemingly impossible vampire-werewolf hybrid child. The two met only recently on "The Originals," but Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin were costars on a show in Australia and neighbors in Los Angeles.

That undeniable friend chemistry is evident onscreen. This exclusive photo from tonight's brand new episode, "Sinners and Saints," boasts Rebekah and Claire looking their usual deadly serious/drop dead gorgeous selves, joined by local witch Sophie Deveraux.

Sophie is a power player in the show's overarching storyline, centered around Klaus' battle with his former protege (and Rebekah's ex), Marcel, who has taken over the supernatural underworld in New Orleans and forbids witches to practice magic. Tonight's episode is the first of season one co-written by showrunner Julie Plec since "Always and Forever," the pilot that aired on October 3.

Last week's episode concluded with elder Mikaelson brother Elijah undaggered and up from his coffin, ready to have a little chat with Davina, the teenage witch Marcel uses as his "secret weapon" who was recently manipulated into switching allegiance over to Klaus. We expect "Saints and Sinners" to showcase Elijah in full-on "good cop" mode with Davina, while Klaus and Marcel continue to spar.

So what do these lovely ladies have to do with that? The three of them embark on some sort of mission together, in an episode that promises to reveal more about Cami's deranged (or compelled?) brother and just what, exactly, the witches are really up to.

What do you think about this behind-the-scenes image from "The Originals"?

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