Naya Rivera, Nina Dobrev Scare Up Halloween Costumes To Remember

If your big plans for Halloween involved dressing up as this year's arguably biggest pop-cultural flashpoint, then we're sorry to tell you that Paris Hilton might have stolen your thunder. The hotel heiress has already celebrated her Halloween, and she did it dressed up as Miley Cyrus on the night of her famous performance at the VMAs. (Couples who planned to pay homage to Miley's duet with Robin Thicke, you're safe; Paris opted for the mouse-face leotard, not the flesh-toned latex bikini.)

Meanwhile, those still looking for costume inspiration should definitely take a peek at our pics of Hollywood Halloweenies. Paris wasn't the only celeb who was out trick-or-treating this weekend; Naya Rivera went around the world as a sexy Carmen Sandiego, Fergie and Josh Duhamel opted for a creepy-sexy couples getup, Lea Michele looked every inch a Bavarian princess in a short skirt and tight corset, and Ke$ha took a selfie before finishing off her cozy skeleton costume with a mask.

Click through to see the full gallery of famous folks all dressed up...and leave your best guesses about what Nina Dobrev is supposed to be, because it is quite a mystery.

Which celeb gets your vote for best costume?