Style Superstar: Natalie Portman Shines At 'Thor: The Dark World' Premiere

With Halloween just around the corner, Hollywood's finest are clearly feeling festive: The traditional palette of orange and black has been popping up everywhere on the red carpet this week. But not all Halloweenies are created equal, and while some of these looks are scarily stylish, others are just plain scary. Who earned Style Superstar honors for her autumnal finery? And whose ill-fitting dress gave us a fright? Check it!

It's been awhile since Natalie Portman had a movie to promote, but the Paris premiere for "Thor: The Dark World" made it clear that she hasn't forgotten how to put together a show-stopping red carpet look. This Dior dress with a plunge neckline and embellished tulle overskirt is divine on her, with a silhouette that's a little reminiscent of her "Black Swan" role as a ballerina, and the color scheme is pure fall. Opting for sleek hair and minimal jewelry, Natalie wisely kept the only hint of bling limited to her gold heels—and to the beautiful blossom embellishments on the dress itself, of course. Add in the fact that those kind of look like candy corn, and we've got to give her Style Superstar for this sumptuous seasonal getup.

Also channeling a Halloween vibe this week: Chloë Grace Moretz, who's this year's premiere scream queen with her starring role in the reboot of "Carrie". But as queen, she's gonna need to learn to dress the part, and to leave unflattering clothes—like the polka-dot midi dress that she wore to an event in Japan—at home. This look, from the asymmetrically pinned hair to the badly fitting frock to the chunky heels, just doesn't do a thing for her. As horror-flick royalty, she deserves better.

What do you think of this week's best and worst dressed?