'If I Stay' Casts Mia's Dad

Joshua LeonardConfession: When a YA novel is being brought to the big screen, we don't usually get all hot and bothered over who's gonna be the dad, y'know? But then again, most YA novel dads aren't adorable, scruffy, pipe-smoking former punk rockers like the one in "If I Stay"—and they don't get played by fairly crushworthy actors with cute beards like Joshua Leonard. So, yeah, we're a little excited over the announcement from Deadline this morning that Joshua has been tapped to play Denny Hall, father to main character Mia, in the movie adaptation of Gayle Forman's book.

For the uninitiated, "If I Stay" is the story of Mia, who is the only one to survive a car accident that kills both her parents and her brother. Caught in a state of comatose limbo, she's faced with a choice: to return to the land of the living, or to just let go. (Or in other words, it's great that Joshua has joined the cast, but all things considered, we probably won't be seeing much of him.)

Chloë Grace Moretz is set to star in the film, which was scheduled to begin shooting this fall. And with all the important roles officially filled, it would be totally reasonable to start getting psyched for sneak peeky behind-the-scenes stuff—and not a minute too soon, either. The fans are starting to get restless.