Channing Tatum Is A Very Good Pick For The First Round Of People's Choice Noms

Channing TatumIt's early days for the People's Choice Awards nomination process—in fact, the announcement that noms are now open has so stirred the passions of the choosy people that, as of this writing, the site is too overloaded to actually function at all—but with so much on the line, it's vital that everyone get clicking to ensure that one of our most favorite young Hollywood gents takes his rightful place atop the ballot.

And by that, we mean that Channing Tatum is up for Favorite Movie Actor, which means the other nine dudes currently in that category (whoever they are, we didn't even bother to look) are inferior little trolls who must be defeated, and probably punished for their insolence, too.

Channing isn't the only crushworthy celeb in the running for glory at the PCAs; every category, from Favorite Actors to Favorite TV Shows to Favorite Male and Female Artists, has 10 worthy challengers competing for the five available nominee spots. So after you vote for Mr. Tatum and his exquisite pecs as many times as humanly possible (which is to say, once), be sure to peruse the rest of the ballots and nominate all your faves. But first, the Channing. ALWAYS the Channing.

Did you pick Channing yet in the first round of nomination votes for the PCAs?