Celebrate 'Allegiant' Day With Theo James And His Face

Do you hear that sound? That sound like a million screaming lunatics? A million screaming lunatics who have come together as one spittle-flecked mass to howl "OH MY FREAKING GAWD IT'S 'ALLEGIANT' DAY"?! Because that is what is happening, y'all: As of today, October 22, the third and final book in the "Divergent" trilogy is on shelves. And because we cannot encapsulate our near-psychotic excitement in words, we're relying on the ever-trusty, oh-so-emotive face of Theo James—who plays Four in the upcoming film adaptation of Veronica Roth's literary series—to express all the feels we are feeling...

...when our friends are like, "Wait, you can't hang out tonight because you have to go home and read?"

When someone tries to reveal a spoiler:

When we're waiting for the delivery guy to show up with our pre-ordered copy:

When we're finally behind closed doors with a hardcover ALL TO OURSELVES:

When we think about the fact that Tris and Tobias might actually, finally, do it:

When some other fan is like, "They're never gonna do it":

When someone who hasn't read the series yet asks if maybe they should check it out:

When they ask if they can borrow our copy of "Divergent":

When we realize that there are no more books after this "Allegiant":

And, of course, when we accept that someday, somehow, a new literary series will capture our imaginations and hearts and souls the same way that this one has:

Happy "Allegiant" Day!

What are your plans for this very thrilling day?