Veronica Roth's 'Allegiant' Hits Shelves Tomorrow And Anything Could Happen

The third and final book in the "Divergent" trilogy is officially hitting shelves tomorrow—which means, among other things, that Theo James will finally find out if his character gets killed off and then resurrected as a sexy ghost, as he has so confidently predicted. (Seriously, what is that about? Does he know something we don't?!)

But with millions of fans having fallen in love with the dark, violent, mysterious world of "Divergent," and with this last book promising to reveal the secrets of the fractured society that forms the series' dystopian backbone, Theo's hardly the only one to be theorizing about what awaits Tris and Four in the final installment of the trilogy. And with less than 24 hours to go until we can bury our faces in the pages "Allegiant," now is the time to place your bets about what's gonna happen.

The end of "Insurgent" left us with a lot of questions, and their answers are anything but sure: who, or what, lurks in the no-man's-land beyond the ruins of Chicago? How will the war between the factions and Factionless ever be resolved? Will Tris' recklessness spell her undoing? Will Four's past come back to haunt him once again? Will Tris and Four finally consummate their love in true Dauntless fashion, preferably in a naked tryst atop the dilapidated Ferris wheel?

Leave your wildest ideas and very best guesses in the comments! And if you want to test your theories against the one person who can confirm or deny your suspicions—author Veronica Roth, herself—then you can tweet your burning curiosities in the direction of MTV News' Josh Horowitz at @joshuahorowitz; the best questions will be put to Veronica when she visits our studios tomorrow.