5 Friends For 'Carrie': A Roundup Of Creepy Horror Heroines

CarriePoor, poor Carrie White. So misunderstood. So bullied. So telekinetically tormented...and of course, so creepy beyond all human comprehension! It's what makes her such a proud member of the horror genre's best and most elite group: The Society of Freaky Girls Who Do Very Bad Things.

In honor of the release of "Carrie" this week, we're showcasing a few more scary chicks from horror flicks who have captured a little piece of our heart (or, uh, other body parts) over the years. Read on for a list of ladies who, when pushed to their limits, are anything but sugar and spice.

Jennifer Hills, "I Spit on Your Grave"

In this 2010 remake of the 1978 film of the same name, Jennifer Hills begins as an industrious novelist looking for a little peace and quiet while she writes her next book...and ends as a machine of creatively murderous vengeance against the repulsive hillbillies who tortured her, raped her and left her for dead.

Ginger Fitzgerald, "Ginger Snaps"

There comes a time in every girl's life when she starts to experience, er, changes. The bleeding...the hairiness...the appearance of fangs, a tail and an all-consuming lust for the flesh of the living. You know, normal teenage lady stuff! And Ginger, already a bit of a death-obsessed weirdo, is all too ready to embrace her special breed of womanhood—and rip out a few hearts in the process.

May, "May"

Lonely, odd and afflicted with a lazy eye that makes her a little peculiar-looking, May has grown up playing with dolls instead of connecting with other kids. But what she really, truly wants is to make a friend...so she, um, makes one.

Dawn, "Teeth"

A proud member of the Purity Movement, Dawn isn't exactly savvy about the birds and the bees—or about her own body, for that matter. But when a boy tries to take advantage of her and loses his package for his efforts, our heroine realizes that its time to sink her teeth into her sexual education.

Asami Yamazaki, "Audition"

Like all romantic young ladies, Asami just wants to find a nice man, fall in love and settle down. But just when she thinks she's found the one, it turns out he's just like all the other guys who came before him. Guys who wouldn't be loyal. Guys who didn't understand the meaning of love. Guys who are now missing body parts and live under her bed in a burlap bag.

"Carrie" opens October 18.

Who are your favorite creeptastic horror heroines?