'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Original Sin'

Vampire Diariesby Cassie Title

Okay, guys. Remember how excited I was after watching big mythology/origin-reveal episodes, like “Klaus” and “Ordinary People”? Well, seeing “Original Sin” was like that, times 1,000.

Lest you think I’m exaggerating (I’m not. An excerpt from my notes actually reads: “THIS IS THE EPISODE I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL MY LIFE”), let’s get this party started.

Katherine and Elena have been having the same dreams about Stefan. This makes me happy, because I was getting annoyed with Elena seemingly having a psychic connection with Stefan because they’re meant to be in love or whatever. Now we know it’s obviously a doppelganger thing! Right?

Well, sort of. It’s more of a super-powerful-2,000-year-plus-witch-planting-dreams-in-our-two-favorite-Petrova-doppelgangers’-minds.

Er, come again? Right, let’s start from the beginning. Silas put Stefan in that coffin, where he drowned over and over again all summer. And last night, he was freed, by the man he ended up eating. And who orchestrated this rescue mission? None other than said super-powerful-2,000-year-plus-witch. Who happens to be? Work with me here, people…you guessed it! The infamous Qetsiyah herself.

Through some logic that doesn’t entirely make sense, Qetsiyah’s back and kicking. When her descendant Bonnie (remember her? Wasn’t in this episode. Maybe she was off-screen, pretending that her relationship with Jeremy was, like, real or something) dropped the veil, Qetsiyah saw a chance to cross over from the other side and be a living witch or something. Honestly, I’m so excited by the huge reveals that I’m not even to going try and question this information.

Story time. This was pretty much the most epic flashback of all time, in that I’ve kind of been waiting for it, as previously stated, my entire life. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for it before the show even existed –and that’s saying something, you know? Anyway, Qetsiyah took Stefan back to 2,000 years ago, Ancient Greece, through the power of storytelling. There, we saw Silas (looking very hot sans hair gel, I must say) and Qetsiyah (although, to be fair, we didn’t yet know it was Qetsiyah in the show.) They seemed to be in love! Then came the part we already know: Silas implored Qetsiyah to make the immortality spell, so they could be together forever. She did– it, and then created this beautiful garden from magic, because, get this –they’re not just Ancient Greek witches—they’re travelers, like Nadia and Gregor. This is a twist, and we’ll get to it soon. But back to the garden: Silas and Qetsiyah were supposed to drink the immortality potion/drug/whatever at their wedding ceremony. Except, when she got there, the beautiful flowers in the garden she created were dying, which could only mean one thing—Silas had already taken the immortality potion without her. Homeboy left her at the altar at her wedding—literally.

There’s more. Qetsiyah was obviously heartbroken, but in between the two flashbacks, she must have found some time (how long could it have been? Minutes? Hours?) to create two portions of the famous cure. Which she then proceeded to feed to—guess who. Silas’s one true love. Who happened to be someone very close to Qetsiyah: her handmaiden. And just as we were about to see the identity of this handmaiden, it all became clear. See my notes: “OMG I BET SHE LOOKS LIKE KATHERINE”. And hey, I was right: the handmaiden, Silas’s one true love, the one he gave Qetsiyah’s immortality to, was none other than Amara, the original Petrova doppeglanger. WHAT NOW.

Original Sin. So, in this really sad garden, Silas and Amara were a de facto Adam and Eve. By becoming immortal, they committed original sin, messing with the balance of nature. So, nature reacted by creating killable, human shadow selves of them. Hence, doppelgangers. Yes, we already knew this, but wait. Just you wait.

What came next. Qetsiyah, clearly enraged/betrayed/beyond sad, found Amara, fed her the cure, and then brutally killed her by slitting her throat and ripping out her heart. She then (pretty delusionally, I might add) found Silas and offered him the cure, so they could live out their human lives together. (Girl, why do you want him now? COME ON.) He naturally refused, and then found Amara’s blood all over his tent. The look of horror and sadness on this man who could do such an awful thing to somebody other than his one true love was so human.

Switching gears. Time for a break: remember Nadia and the guy she killed, Gregor? Well, he’s kind of her lover. And he’s not dead—he’s inside Matt’s body. Oh my god! It’s like the Klaus-is-in-Alaric’s-freaking-body thing! Except, Matt is still present, but occasionally Gregor can be called up. Confusing, for sure, but important. Nadia is sort of working for Silas—we still don’t know her agenda. She used Matt to find out where Katherine is, as Silas wants her. So, Matt called Elena and asked her. Except, it was really Gregor, and Matt’s starting to get a storyline/feel like crazy Alaric/Samantha Gilbert in doing things he doesn’t remember, except it’s not because of the Gilbert ring (right? Is that just over?) but because of the weird spell putting Gregor in his mind.

Oh, and Nadia’s not just a traveler. I don’t know how I could have missed it, but it seems like Nadia’s a vampire, too. Er, what? Damon, Elena, and Katherine were looking for Stefan, and Nadia was looking for Katherine. She successfully kidnapped my favorite character ever, and then ran into Silas.

Qetsiyah, who decided she wanted her new name to be Tessa, linked Silas to Stefan. Homegirl burned through Stefan’s conscious mind! In order to neutralize Silas, she needed to weaken his mind-control powers, because without them, he’s just a regular old immortal. So, she did it!

What happened next is kind of a mystery. Damon and Elena somehow freed Stefan from Tessa (I guess that’s how we’ll refer to her from now on) and brought him home. Honestly, I am not sure how they did this, but I do hope we’ll be seeing Tessa again quite soon.

Oh, and the greatest part of the whole episode/series/everything. Tessa told Damon that Stefan is not Silas’s first doppelganger—century after century Tessa had watched versions of Stefan and Elena find each other. Destiny’s been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever—which effectively means that Stefan and Elena belong together, and Damon doesn’t have a chance. Cue my cringing of annoyance.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Damon actually revealed this information to Elena, and made this speech which everyone on the internet seems to think is like awesome and romantic but just makes me think of how creepy once-abusive-Stefan was to Elena, when he was trying to change her when she first became a vampire. But the point is that they’re not listening to fate—Damon thinks Elena is his destiny. I think I like that.

The cure is now Katherine’s blood. Why are we even surprised? It’s always about Petrova blood. Does this now open the stage to tons of people getting the cure? Probably not.

Then Stefan woke up. And it could’ve been awkward, because Damon and Elena were all making out and happy. But when their pure hearts were so excited to see Stefan awake, and welcomed him back, he was all like: I have no idea who you people are. SAY WHAT? Stefan’s lost his memories, and we have no idea what’s going to happen next.

So, while I was pretty much in love with this episode, I do have some problems/questions.

-Weren’t we supposed to assume that Aramaic was Qetsiyah’s native tongue? Putting her in like ancient Israel or the Middle East? And not 2,000 years ago in Ancient Greece? I get that they’re a part of a special community of travelers and could be speaking Aramaic, but I’m not sure why Silas and Qetsiyah are now Greek, especially since they are supposed to be travelers, who eventually became gypsies, who are supposed to be, like, Czech. I can kind of see Silas’s descendants becoming Italian because the whole Roman empire being heir to the Greek one, but I’m lost on an Aramaic (Israeli? Middle Eastern?) chick becoming Greek then moving to America with the Vikings. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking so ethnically/seriously about this, and the answer is all “they had 2,000 years to move around and intermarry and stuff”, but I just want to know, guys.

-I am super, super, super satisfied with this twist about Amara being the original Petrova doppelganger (seriously, a platonic love letter to Julie Plec was considered), but I’m at a loss as to how The Originals fit in. Remember how Tatia was supposed to be the original Petrova doppelganger, and became a doppelganger because of Esther’s spell, in order to break the hybrid curse at some point? (At least that’s what we were supposed to think, I think.) Well, that’s all wrong, now, because she was already a doppelganger, being descended from Amara. But wouldn’t Ayanna, Qetsiyah’s descendant, already know this?

Honestly, this new development is just really not clicking with the originals. Just because they have a new show doesn’t mean they can be extricated from the mythology, am I right? Also, how did Silas and Amara yield doppelgangers—I don’t see at the moment how they could’ve had children to continue the line…

-Hate to bring this up, but Qetsiyah—could you really have been so blinded by love that you didn’t realize Silas was secretly doing your handmaiden? I mean, it was a small community. How could you have not known?

-Knowing that there have been tons and tons of doppelgangers sets the stage for so many more flashbacks! I’m so excited. Isn’t it interesting, though, that now there are two sets of doppelgangers who don’t, as destiny wants, want to be together? (Katherine and Stefan, Silas and Elena, Silas and Katherine.)

-Best line of the night was from Silas to Katherine: The love of my life looked exactly like you yet the mere thought of your face makes me want to vomit.

-I really want to meet Amara. I don’t care how in love with him you were: he did an unbelievably horrible thing to Qetsiyah (misleading her into a freaking wedding and then standing her up at the altar!) and you just, like, went along with it? I guess there’s a lot of Katherine in her.

-I’m confused about “destiny” wanting the doppelgangers to be together. Nature clearly wanted to punish them, so why should destiny reward them? (Perhaps I’m wrongfully linking nature with destiny? Perhaps if I keep thinking so seriously about all these things the show will have no show?)

Did you think this was the best episode to date? What does this mean for Stefan and Elena and Damon? Are you dying for tons and tons of doppelganger flashbacks? Let us know, in the comments or below!