Peep The EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal For Suzanne Young's 'The Program' Sequel, 'The Treatment'

The TreatmentIf Jason Bourne and his memory-impaired cohorts have taught us anything in life, it's that "on the run, with the government after you and with giant gaping holes in your consciousness" is a decidedly unfortunate way to be—so we're seriously freaked for Sloane and James, the couple we first met in Suzanne Young's YA thriller "The Program."

The book takes place in a world where teen suicide has become an epidemic; the titular Program is where angsty young people go to be "cured" via a mysterious method that stops their depression but also leaves them as blank, amnesiac shells of their former selves. And if you're wondering what comes next for the pair, here's a hint: Just take a peek at our EXCLUSIVE reveal of the cover of its upcoming sequel, "The Treatment."

Don't be fooled: That's no ordinary orange Tic-Tac you're looking at. In fact, we strongly suspect that if you ate it, it would taste like bitterness and mistrust and fractured memories that may or may not even be real. This is the Treatment: a pill that can bring back the memories that our heroes were robbed of by the Program, which might be helpful considering that Sloane and James are fleeing for their lives with a bunch of other escapees and could really use at least one fully functional brain between them. But there's only one dose, and whoever takes it will pay a terrible (and infuriatingly non-specified) price! Is it worth it? Will they do it? Also, will they do it? Unanswerable questions, all—but the Suzanne Young, who knows exactly what's in store for her characters when "The Treatment" hits shelves next April, had this to say:

"The plot of 'The Treatment' picks up right where book one left off—lots of action, lots of tears, and more than a little kissing."

Also, she's a fan of the cover.

"I honestly didn’t know how my publisher would follow up 'The Program' cover, which I loved obsessively from the minute it popped up in my email. I think they nailed the cover for 'The Treatment' because it perfectly complements the series while conveying the isolation and starkness in the story."

Can this book get here fast enough? NO IT CAN NOT.

What do you think of the cover for "The Treatment"?