'Vampire Diaries' Adds One-Time 'Selection' Actor To Cast

Michael MelarkeyWe really need to buy some property in Mystic Falls! "The Vampire Diaries" is set to welcome another good-looking dude to the cast. Michael Malarkey will join the show later this season.

According to Deadline, Michael will have a recurring role on the vampire drama where he’s set to hang out with Damon.

Michael will play Enzo, a former pal of Damon’s who lands back in town wanting to see what Damon has been up to. No word on if he is of the fanged persuasion as well, but he’s described as “a charismatic but tortured figure.” Just what that town needs! More charismatic, tortured guys! His debut is slated for December 5. If you ask us, Damon could use a new drinking buddy. He hasn’t been the same since Alaric died back in season three.

Michael has a bit of a history with The CW. He had been cast on "The Selection,” but the show wasn't picked up by the network. One show’s loss is another's gain!

Are you excited Michael is joining the cast?

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