Mindy Kaling Wants To 'Mix Things Up' With Love Interests

Mindy Kaling is back on the market! Well, at least her small-screen alter-ego on “The Mindy Project” is. After her break-up with Pastor Casey last week, Dr. Lahiri finds herself single in the city once again, and Mindy is pretty excited about exploring all those possibilities and love interests.

“We wanted to mix things up,” Mindy told MTV News, noting that Anders Holm, who plays Casey, also had to get back to his day job on “Workaholics.”

“I hope the fans are upset [they broke up]. One thing I think is kind of cool about the show is even if people like Danny and Mindy, or they want to write about that, people get very attached to the boyfriends,” she said. “It kind of was good because nobody wants to see a girl who is in love and dating a handsome guy for episode after episode. That’s not very likeable.”

Fans will definitely like the eye candy to come, including Timothy Olyphant, Ben Feldman, Glenn Howerton and Larenz Tate.

“We’ve been really lucky... If their schedules work out, they largely kind of want to do it,” she said of season two’s love interests. “It makes sense. We put them in nice suits, and they get to be cute love interests that are really fun.”

Of course, if none of those guys stick, there’s always Danny, who Mindy shared a romantic moment with last season.

She said, “We ended last season with this moment, this nonverbal moment, between the two of them where it seemed like something might happen. And then when we saw it in the cut it had such an impact, but they’ve kind of developed into a friendship that has moments, which as a writer is really fun because at any point you can tap into it if you want to. But we’re still trying to figure it out. The series is, hopefully, so young that we can see them play it out lots of different ways.”

So for anyone hoping that Mindy and Danny end up together, it’s a possibility. “Well, you know in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ there is that Darcy character that Elizabeth Bennet is a little adversarial [with], and he’s a little set in his ways in a way that really reminds me of Chris' character,” she said. “It’s the kind of thing where they’re so different, you can see them go for many years without even thinking of each other in those terms. Now they just have great friend chemistry. Like, we do have a lot of adventures with them this season, as friends, but that always kind of rears its head.”

Do you think Mindy and Danny should be an item?