'Rags & Bones' EXCLUSIVE: Read An Excerpt From Melissa Marr's Scary Story

Rags and BonesA princess locked away in a tower, slumbering in a cursed sleep. A tiny man who will save your life in a time of need, but only in exchange for your firstborn child. A withered talisman that grants your wishes—in ways that'll make you wish you were dead. Yep, it's official: Classic literature is absolutely chock-full of things that give us the screaming meemies...and now, 12 savvy writers have woven these old-school stories into a collection of extremely modern scares. The book is "Rags & Bones," an anthology of creepy tales retold by authors like Neil Gaiman, Rick Yancey, Holly Black, and Melissa Marr—and if you're looking for something to go "BUMP!" in your night, look no further than this here blog, where we've got an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at one of the book's most chilling contributions!

"Awakened" is Melissa Marr's short story, born of a marriage between Kate Chopin's classic short story, "The Awakening," and ancient Irish folk tales of mysterious women who slip in and out of the sea in disguise.

And oooh, we're just enthralled by this story of a whirlwind seaside romance that, um, isn't quite what it seems. What will become of Eden and Leo? What is the mysterious, precious thing that he's stolen to keep her close? Will she learn to love a life of luxury in his mansion by the sea—or will she eventually rebel and bury one of Leo's precious tiny fish forks up to the hilt in his eye socket? We're hoping for the latter, but no spoilers; you can snag "Awakened" today as a digital short, or you can sit tight until October 22 when the whole entire collection hits shelves.

Download an excerpt of Melissa Marr's "Awakened"!

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