We Fondly Recall The Charms Of 'Charmed'

CharmedBreak out your pointy hats and spell books! (Actually, witches don’t really wear pointy hats...) This week TV welcomes some new witch-themed shows to the fold, the slightly-campy “Witches of East End” on Lifetime and the much darker “American Horror Story: Coven” on FX.

While witches have always played an important role on supernatural shows as of late, including “The Vampire Diaries" and "True Blood,” it’s been a minute since witches served as the main characters of their own series. With two shows putting them at the forefront of the drama, it seems like a fitting time to remember the WB’s “Charmed,” which coincidentally premiered on the defunct network 15 years ago.

(Yes, I’ve previously written about “The Craft.” There seems to be a theme to my work.)

"Charmed" debuted not long after the network found success with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (which, as it turned out, also had a witch). The show revolved around three sisters in San Francisco who discovered they are the—wait for it—Charmed Ones. They must balance work, love and witchcraft all while trying to defeat the evils of the world. And sometimes the evil came wrapped up in very hot guy packages. Sounds simple enough, right?

It enlisted the star power of '90s “It” girls Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and “Pretty Little Liars” mom Holly Marie Combs. [Ed Note: Shannen was later fired for being “Shannen Doherty” and replaced by Rose McGowan, who played a half-sister. I live by the mantra “Shannen Forever!” and the show wasn’t really the same without her.]

And, yes, the show was sometimes ridiculous, and the clothes were totally '90s (all the midriffs!), but the series also had a lot of heart and even touched on the consequences of what happens when you fall prey to dark magic. But, in the end, the sisters truly loved one another and took their powers quite seriously. The show celebrated female empowerment (all the ladies had careers) and family. What else could you want from a show?

So, as you set your DVR to TV’s latest witchy shows and ready yourself to become spellbound, take a minute to revisit “Charmed.” You won’t regret it.

Are you a "Charmed" fan?