'Scandal' Star Shares On-Set Secrets From Season Three

When we hung out with Darby Stanchfield yesterday (she plays redhead gladiator Abby Whelan on the hit ABC show), she was tight-lipped on spoilers for the highly anticipated "Scandal" season premiere, but did hint that it would be "explosive, dangerous and sneaky." Between Olivia's dad officially earning the honor of Worst Dad Ever and [*SPOILER ALERT*] learning that Fitz was behind the press leak about his affair with Olivia, we're already counting down the seconds until the next scandal-filled episode.

"Season 3 is just as scandalous, if not more so, than Season 2," Darby said. "It's crazy good! That shock-and-awe element with these bombs that are dropped every episode, it continues in Season 3."

Of course, we had to get the inside scoop on what's in store for Abby this season. "She's trying to find some normal in her life, and she's feeling good about herself, so the interior change that's going on corresponds really well with what's going on in the exterior," Darby shared. Translation: Olivia Pope is no longer the show's only standout style star. Keep an eye out for fashionable pieces on Abby like vintage Chanel belts and fabulous leather coats by Donna Karan. (Drool.) Also, as you may have noticed from last night's episode, Abby's hair has gone decidedly wavy. "The flatiron has now officially been put to rest," Darby exclaimed. "RIP flatiron for Abby!"

One thing that's definitely not resting in peace, however, is the will-they-or-won't-they game between Abby and David (Joshua Molina). "They're not over by any stretch of the imagination," Darby said. "They're both kind of odd ducks and it seems to make sense for them to be together. Basically, whatever the writers and Shonda [Rhimes, the show's creator] decide. They never disappoint!"

Speaking of Abby and David, it seems that the tension between those two may not be just for the small screen – Darby says that Josh Molina is the biggest prankster on set. "On April Fools' Day, I show up to work and it doesn't say Abby [on my trailer], it says Crabby!" she said. "And then I open the door to my room, and it says Flabby! And it stayed that way all year! If I try to go to war with him, it just gets worse. Then he takes it to a nuclear level, and I can't endure that, so I forgive him." Just like Abby always forgives David. Aww…

"I feel so grateful to work with this group of people," Darby says. "We're like a family... It's ridiculous how much we love each other now."

And it's ridiculous how much we love the new season of Scandal.