'Vampire Diaries' Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Vampire Diariesby Cassie Title

For four seasons, I've been attempting to spread the gospel of "The Vampire Diaries." (I know it’s shocking, but a lot of people in their twenties and older don’t exactly appreciate hot twenty or thirty-somethings pretending to be teenage vampires and witches and werewolves. Crazy, right?) But I think I've finally succeeded! Because only something of serious cultural importance (ahem, “The Vampire Diaries”) would still be going on when the government’s shut down! Am I right?!

So, I've decided it’s my duty to prepare you for tonight’s season five premiere of this all-important cultural institution. Which I will do right now.

Here’s what we know:

1. Elena and Caroline are going through with the whole college thing. This is exciting! They’re going off to college! (I’m a little confused because Elena made a point last season to say she didn't fill out college applications—girl had a lot going on, with being soulless and familyless and houseless and such. While I hope this doesn't make teen girls think that they can avoid doing applications and still magically end up in college, I’m willing to go with the whole it’s-TV thing. Kind of.) Anyway. Personally, I can’t wait to see how the new campus and characters will enhance the overall story. I know a lot of people complain about shows moving their characters to college, but a) I’ve always dug it (even the last season of "The O.C."! I admit it! I thought it was excellent when Summer was at Brown, and I won’t apologize!) and b) I am fully confident that Julie Plec and her talented team will make the transition smooth and meaningful. They’ve been saying that it’s basically a whole new show (there’s that guy from “Melrose Place," half of the main players jumped ship to “The Originals”), and I for one am ready for some fresh blood and plotlines (maybe there’s a pun there?). Although I’m still devastated about the loss of the Originals, as I see them as the key to the heart of the show: who Elena and Stefan and all these doppelgangers are and what their purpose is. But I guess the showrunners think the heart of the series is about romance or something. Different strokes.

2. Bonnie’s still dead. But Jeremy’s now alive! At the end of last season, Bonnie dropped it like it was hot, and then put it back up. And by "it" I mean the veil to the other side. Except, when she put it back up, she added in another spell to bring Jeremy back to life. Which worked, at the expense of her own life. So she’s been dead since graduation, but nobody but Jeremy knows! In fact, she’s been telling him to lie for her. Obviously, this is crazy, because it’s going to be pretty obvious to Caroline and Elena that something’s up when Bonnie doesn’t show up to room with them at Whitmore College. (Another thing I love about series’ bringing their characters to college! The high school best friends go off to the same place and room together, which, if we’re being honest, never happens in real life! Which is why it’s fun to see.) What is exciting is that we’ve been hearing some things about the other side—how witches can travel all over, and how we may be able to see this mysterious place that Bonnie now resides in.

3. Elena and Damon are very much together. You never know what a 20-minute (that’s what I’m guessing is the distance—it seems about right, right?) distance can do to a relationship, but as of now, Damon and Elena are going strong (and apparently into bubble baths, together, all summer long).

4. Katherine’s a human! If you remember (and how could you forget?) the epic doppelganger showdown, you’ll recall that Elena stuffed the cure down Katherine’s throat during their smackdown, making Katherine of the human variety. So many fun things can happen with this development! Really love that Katherine’s human and Elena’s a vampire. Hopefully, we’ll learn about the mythology of post-cure creatures—as in, can Katherine just be turned again? Also: I know Katherine can never be as much of a presence as I want her to be because it’s hard work for Nina Dobrev to play both characters, but we already know how amazing she is as Katherine, so I’m really hoping she gets her Tatiana Maslany on for, like, the whole season.

5. Stefan’s trapped underwater in a locked coffin, and oh—he’s Silas’s doppelganger. This plot point has reinstated my faith in where the show is going. Aside from the shock value, it’s totally genius. So many questions: How will Stefan escape? What has Silas-as-Stefan been doing? When will Damon (who’s apparently living with Jeremy now, because that’s somehow more believable than Jeremy living in the Lockwood mansion Matt Donovan’s house) realize that Silas is Silas? What is Silas’s plan? (THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW.) Will the show address the fact that they introduced Silas as a witch who became immortal and are now pretending he’s a vampire? And the most important of all: What does this mean for Stefan? (ARE THERE MORE OF HIM? I don’t know if I can take it!) And Elena? And Katherine? And Tatia? A.K.A., are we going to get the complete lowdown on the doppelganger mythology? Because I really, really, really want to know.

And that’s just the start! In anticipation of being glued to my TV screen tonight, I’ll probably be up all night, coming up with more questions. So, if you think you’ll be doing the same, be sure to check out our recap after tuning in. It’ll be, like, the best conversation you’ve ever had, about the most interesting characters/mythology/wow moments you’ve ever seen, without actually having a conversation. Awesome!

What are you excited to see in "The Vampire Diaries" season premiere? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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