Peter Facinelli's Writing A YA Novel

"Twilight" star Peter Facinelli knows a thing or two about young-adult literature. He did star in all five big-screen adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling "Twilight" series, after all. And perhaps a bit of the author's shine rubbed off on the actor, because he's penning his very own novel (with a little help from his friends)!

The book is slated for a summer 2015 release, and here's the synopsis:

Set in a future world of environmental collapse and mass poverty, After the Red Rain shares the story of a mysterious boy named Rose, a figure of beauty on a ruined planet Earth where 50 billion people are trying to survive. While struggling to get by with his only friend, Deirdre, Rose discovers he possesses inhuman powers that can irrevocably change the world and the lives of everyone on the planet.

Sounds intriguing! Will you be picking up a copy?