3 Things You'll Learn During 'Vampire Diaries' Premiere

We're just one sleep away from the big season-five premiere of "The Vampire Diaries," and, well, it'll be a miracle if we get any shut-eye because we're just that excited. After all, there are big changes in store for our favorite Mystic Falls residents—or should we say, former residents? Elena and Caroline are kissing their town good-bye to give higher learning a go at Whitmore College, while those dastardly Originals are heading down to the Big Easy to reclaim their throne in New Orleans. (Better hire someone to update that population sign, council.)

Given all of this upheaval, what exactly, then, can we expect from the premiere episode? We posed that question to stars Kat Graham and Candice Accola recently, and they offered up a few interesting tidbits. We won't spoil the video above, but suffice it to say refrigerators, bangs and shirtless boys are involved. Just watch.