'Mindy Project': Is Pastor Casey Gone For Good?

Somewhere in Austin, Texas, former pastor/DJ/current event-planning major Casey is crying into his brisket and baked beans. Because as we saw on last night's "Mindy Project" episode "Music Festival," the affianced couple just couldn't make it work.

But if we've learned anything from multiple guest appearances by Bill Hader and Mark Duplass, Dr. Lahiri's one-time loves are skilled at finding ways back into her life. So could we see Casey again?

"You know, Pastor Casey is finding himself," actor Anders Holm told MTV News while we visited the set of his other series "Workaholics." "I think there's a chance he might drift back into Mindy's life sometime in the future, but right now the guy is all over the place. He's a mess. You know, he's getting fatter. I don't know if you've noticed that. The guy is a wreck."

And, it seems, suffering from delusions. Anders (or is it Casey?) insisted that Mindy would never think of dating another guy after their split:

"Nah, she wouldn't do that. Right? Right, guys? She wouldn't do that. Why, did you near something? Is she hooking up with other dudes?"

Um, we don't know, Anders. Sorry.

Thankfully, the actor came full circle by the end of our interview.

"What's up, Mindy!?" he said to camera, addressing his lost love. "You see what they're doing to me? I love you baby!"

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