Kami Garcia Gives Us An 'Unbreakable' Tour Of Her Writing Space

UnbreakableIf you've ever wondered where your favorite YA writers go to work their mysterious, literary, bookmaking wonders, then you'll want to pay attention to this here video, in which we take an exclusive behind-the-scenes trip to the secret underground lair of bestselling author Kami Garcia. (Disclaimer: Lair may be neither an actual secret nor underground...or particularly lair-like, for that matter.)

Her new book, "Unbreakable," is on shelves today, and in honor of its release, the author invited us to peek inside the place where she makes the magic—the magic in this case being a brand new thriller about a girl being hunted by angry ghosts!

For a woman so adept at bringing us inside dark, creepy worlds—whether it's the edge-of-your-seat mayhem that surrounds "Unbreakable" and its ghost-hunting squad, or the ramshackle gothic glamour of "Beautiful Creatures," the series she wrote with pal Margaret Stohl—Kami keeps her writing space tidy, comfortable and surprisingly devoid of cobwebs and/or ectoplasmic drippings. (Unless they're all hidden in that suspicious-looking bag. You know the one.)

So what does she have? A delightful bookshelf crammed top-to-bottom with beautiful works by her favorite authorfriends, a cabinet devoted entirely to pretty "Beautiful Creature" paraphernalia, a big-ass stuffy couch that's perfect for penning first drafts...and oh, yes, a collection of crosses over the door for keeping out the bad mojo while she's writing about ghosts, witchcraft and other things that go bump in the night. THERE. That's more like it.

What do you think of this secret sneak peek into Kami's writing space?

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