Peep EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal For Moira Young's 'Raging Star'

Raging StarUgh, that awkward moment when you finally come up against the big bad archenemy you've spent your whole life fighting against—and instead of being a gross, greasy, gloating pile of Unmitigated Evil (like President Snow, or Jabba the Hut), he's all, "Join me! We'll eat cake together and rebuild the world!" and worst of all, he's actually kind of sexy about it. The worst, amirite?! And that's just what awaits our lady warrior in "Raging Star," the thrilling conclusion to Moira Young's "Dust Lands" trilogy, as Saba has to negotiate her complex feelings for the villainous De'Malo and choose her ultimate destiny.

The bad news is, you'll have to wait until next spring to see how it all turns out. The good news? You might be able to glean a hint or two from the moody new cover, which we get to reveal EXCLUSIVELY right

We've got a green-lit desert and two traveling fighters; could this be Saba and Jack, together at last? Or has she joined forces with her former nemesis to create a happy, healthy new world for the chosen few who can pay through the nose to live there? Either way, it looks like we can count on just one man left standing by Saba's side by the time you turn the last page. Also, bonus: If you're all caught up on this dystopian series, then Saba's svelte silhouette might indicate a thing or two about whether she's (SPOILER ALERT) carrying that secret, evil love child everybody's been wondering about. HMM.

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