Peep EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal Of 'Infinite Sky' By C.J. Flood

Infinite SkyFamily drama, seething biases and a new boy next door who's also a roving bohemian hottie: with plot points like these, there's no doubt that "Infinite Sky" by C.J. Flood needs to be on your list of must-reads. But if you need another reason to get psyched about the book, how's about we show you the very first EXCLUSIVE peek at its pretty, pretty cover? Yeah! Bet you're excited now! This beautiful book is gonna look sooooo good on your shelf next spring.

"Infinite Sky" is the story of Iris, whose family is in a shambles after her mother suddenly abandoned them. But while her father struggles to take charge of parenting Iris and her brother, there's distraction and drama just next door, where a family of gypsies has set up illegal camp in the field by their house—and where a traveler named Trick is waiting to show Iris a whole other world, even as the resentment between their parents builds to a boiling point.

This novel promises explosive romance the likes of which only two ill-fated teen lovers can produce, and we've been told it's a tearjerker to boot; with a release scheduled for May 2014, it'll be the perfect bittersweet book with which to bridge the gap between spring and beach season.

What do you think of this first peek at the cover for "Infinite Sky"?