Bill Hader Haunts MTV's Offices In Latest After Hours

Despite what you may have heard, life after death is not an endless heavenly party where everyone wears white silk, sits on clouds and eats endless scoops of gelato while the ghosts of Amy Winehouse and Frank Sinatra tirelessly perform their greatest hits. NOPE. Instead, the afterlife is a sad, strange place where the dead are condemned to roam around in office buildings, wearing cast-off chiffon hoodies and insulting the size of people's genitals.

...Or so it would seem, thanks to this insightful After Hours dispatch from the land of the dead, featuring the ghost of Bill Hader. After stopping in for a visit at MTV's offices only to be accidentally slain by our own Josh Horowitz and his grody shellfish meatballs, Bill comes back with a few choice complaints about how much it sucks to be dead. (The primary source of angst: "I can't have sex. I can't eat cheeseburgers. I can't have sex with cheeseburgers." Man, that is awful!) Disconsolate and doomed to haunt Josh forever, Bill embarks on a campaign of terror that mostly involves throwing paper around and making snarky videoblogs for his fellow ghosts. It's an ignominious end for one of the greatest comedians of our generation, and it makes us sad. This might actually be the most upsetting After Hours ever made.

At least, until Bill reveals his plan to orchestrate his own rebirth by haunting Josh's reproductive system, at which point it just gets weird.

Bill's "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" opens today.

Did you giggle at Bill's ghost burn?