'Glee' Season 5: Our Burning Questions

GleeIn the immortal words of the Beatles: Here comes the new season of "Glee"! FOX's song-and-dance series returns tonight, kicking off a two part-premiere dedicated to all things Fab Four.

While this season will have a decidedly different tone than previous ones, owing to the death of star Cory Monteith, the show will go on, honoring Finn (and his real-life alter ego) in a tribute episode airing October 10. And with season-four cliffhangers and cast changes aplenty, there's much to be resolved in the coming season.

To wit, here are our five burning questions ahead of the season-five premiere.

Will Klaine get engaged?

Oh that little black box! Producers teased gleeks with a possible Blaine-Kurt betrothal, despite the couple never officially DTRing. Will wedding bells soon ring again in Lima, Ohio? And, more importantly, which bow tie will Blaine wear?

Will Rachel land the role?

Another cliffhanger from the season-four finale, Rachel auditioned for the part of Fanny Brice in the Broadway production of "Funny Girl," belting out a tear-stained rendition of Celine Dione's "To Love You More." Lea's own Instagram seems to hint that her small-screen alter ego will be involved in the show in some capacity, whether it be as star, understudy or—Barbra, forbid!—theater janitor, remains to be seen.

Who will Adam Lambert play?

There are a few things we know about the "American Idol" alum's guest-starring turn. For one, he'll be Kurt's nemesis. For another, he won't be a drag queen. Beyond that, well, whataya want from me!?

Will Demi Lovato and Naya Rivera sizzle?

We can attest to the pair's vocal chemistry thanks to a preview of their Beatles cover "Here Comes the Sun," but what we really want to know is whether their lip-locking is truly inspiring.

Will New Directions win Nationals?

McKinley High's glee club eked out a Regionals victory with renditions of "Hall of Fame," "I Love It" and the original song "All or Nothing." Can they continue their winning streak in L.A.? We obviously won't find out until later in the season, but we'll be tuning in while they tune up, regardless.

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